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IM & Statshub join forces to develop a new benchmark tool for BNP

IM & prof Gino Verleye have been commissioned by BNP Paribas Fortis Brussels to develop a brand new and revolutionary benchmark measurement tool .
IM and Statshub start a  new joint research development project at the end of 2023 for BNP-Paribas Fortis Brussels. The project is a combination of sophisticated qualitative and quantitative research, resulting in a new and revolutionary communication effectiveness measurement tool.

Our tool will measure the effect of ads and other communication  compared to the relevant benchmarks of the finance category. This way, BNP will instantly know whether and why future communication is above of below the relevant benchmarks for the banking category.  The project will start end 2023 and we will deliver the actual (automated) tool Q1 2024.

Tool and method find their origins in academic work of Gino Verleye, published for the first time in 'Frontiers in Communication' in August 2023.

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Independent Minds and the Belgian National Crisiscenter: a solid partnership!

Independent Minds has been appointed as the research partner for the risk-communication strategy for the Belgian National Crisiscenter
Independent Minds, together with prof dr. Gino Verleye and prof dr. Verolien Cauberghe (both working at Ghent University)  are appointed as  the qualitative and quantitative research partner for the Belgian National Crisiscenter, 
The research aims for new and relevant insights with respect to risk assesment, risk copind and risk communication. The results will be used  to develop a powerful and appealing communication strategy, helping citizens to better deal and to cope with risks having a significant impact on society..  
The research provides for fundamental and operational insights about the entire risk assesment journey of citizens, and it includes a segmentation of different risk profiles.
Special attention is given to vulnerable people and difficult to reach target groups.
As a full service qual-quant research team, we do not only conduct the entire research programm, but we  also develop the conceptual model and the scientific KPI's for the upcoming communication strategy.

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New Qualcollective Logo and Website

We are very proud to present you the new logo and website of our international network.
Qualcollective, the international network of pan-European boutique research agencies has launched  in November its new website and logo.
The new appearance is the start of a more intense collaboration between the different agencies and will also result in more visibility and a stronger presence on the international research scene.

The Qualcollective network was founded during the Covid pandemic  and brings together qualitative research agencies, sharing the same boutique-style DNA.

We have currently  member agencies in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain and the Benelux, and there are strong tentacles in the US, Asia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Get to know us at . We would love to be hearing from you!


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