Creating connection in disruptive times

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Independent Minds and Nielsen team-up together for the first Covid Be-NL benchmark research about changing consumer behavior.
We measured resilience in a time of disruption for society as a whole and for FMCG and Retail in particular.
The results show how consumer cope with the disruption of Covid-19 and indicate what to do in order to guide consumers through the change of the pandemic.

We developed resilience indexes for the leading  FMCG and Retail brands in the Benelux. The outcomes are surprising, because we see that the 'usual suspects' underperform.  

The research also indicates that brands need to be more proactive towards young people, because youngsters seem to cope with the disruptive change of Covid19 by making their own world smaller and to rely on what is familiar and emotionally close.
Also and quite surprisingly, we see that the usual marketing tooks that brands and retailers use (like price, quality and innovation) hardly or not at all have a substantial change potential.

Sustainability on the other hand has that potential,, and to a greater extent we are tempted to think..  In our research we pinpoited the different components of sustainability that have the power to contribute to  the resilience of consumers & shoppers and that account for the growing potential  in post-Covid times. 
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Dutch NGO

Our client, a well-known Dutch NGO wanted to communicate the new brand positioning via a new and challenging TVC.
We presented several routes to consumers in an ABC-->P research setting .

We determined the winning rout and we revealed clear recommendations with respect to the sequences that needed to be emphasized and reworked for a clear message decoding and a better brand attribution,

Nothing wrong however with the creative idea, because we could tell our client that the campaign  succeeded in raising attention and that is resulted in conveying a clear and engaging brand message.

The NGO reported later that they had an increase above target of new funders.

A quantitative post-test confirmed all our recommendations. The tvc did what it had to do.


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