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(Category specific) Segmentation

Get to know what drives your different consumers
Profoundly knowing and understanding your target groups gives you the opportunity of walking ahead in your market!

IM Profiler is an attitude- and behavior-based segmentation model, combining the best of qual and quant methods. It provides you with detailed information about the specific consumer groups you want to target: their attitudes, dreams, hopes and their behavior now, in the past and the future.

IM Profiler shows you who your targets really are and what they aspire in your category.  It is the starting point for your long-term strategy, communication, product evaluation and innovation.
Case study IM Profiler


The Belgian climate organization Sign for my Future wanted to know how Belgians perceive climate change and how they are prepared to integrate sustainability in their own lives.
We developed a segmentation based on how civilians look at climate change and to what extend people are willing to redirect their behaviour (shopping - living - moving ...) to sustainable alternatives.

Our segmentation revealed 5 different profiles with each a proper set of beliefs, attitudes, motivations and inhibitions with respect to sustainability : pioneers (35,6%), sustainable natives (20,6%), benevolent explorers (10,5%), Avoiders (27,5%) and cherry pickers (20,6%).

The communication strategy of Sign for my Future was designed to reach and to involve each of this profiles in a proper and relevant way.

The segmentation also forecasted in a reliable way the 2019 election results. 
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