Creating connection in disruptive times

Independent thinkers

With our independent minds we make the undercurrent visible and the trends tangible. We invite you to step outside the safe world of your own truths, and to join us on a journey to genuine insights and powerful ideas.
We are research professionals with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in all areas of qualitative research. We enjoy living and working in disruptive times: they challenge our creativity and they push everybody to trespass the boundaries of the own comfort zone.

Our roots are international (Dutch, Belgian and French) and we combine local sensitivity with an international scope.  We belong to the different cultures, but we think and act independently. That makes us unique and accessible at the same time.  

We are based in Amsterdam. The Benelux and France are our favourite playgrounds.

Sabine Rats

Sabine Rats


Creative, analytic, strategic, somewhat stubborn but with a clear vision about getting things done.
Wim Buedts

Wim Buedts


Curious, intelligent, polyvalent, goes for the bigger picture, invites you to leave your comfort zone
Multi-lingual &
by nature

Researchers with Belgian, French, Dutch roots

international scope + local perspective

Senior level only
100% dedication
We are a proud member of Qualcollective, the pan-European network of boutique style  research agencies. Please meet us at


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Independent minds
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