Creating connection in disruptive times

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"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity" - Dorothy Parker

Creating connection

We (re)connect people and businesses by making the most of our independent thinking and the relevant insights it produces. We match your vision with consumer relevance.
We think it is crucial that you take the initiative to meet your consumers and that you do the effort to really understand what drives them. In our view interviews and creative group sessions are the best way to achieve this in an inspiring and profound way. We have the competence and the experience to guide you through this journey of mutual understanding.
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Enabling empathy

We believe that empathy unlocks opportunities and that it should be the leading principle of your marketing and innovation strategy.
Our time is characterized by brutal and disruptive changes, with polarization as a  result. Our ambition is to bring a sense of empathy between you and your stakeholders and to restore the critical conditions for engaging a relationship that is built on mutual understanding and trust.
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Implementing insights

We bring insights to life and help you to materialize them into powerful propositions.
We ‘translate’ smart insights into actionable cases and propositions that enables you to improve your business and that bridges the distance with your consumers. This is what we call business relevance. 
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Curiosity is our fuel, commitment our philosophy and expertise our trademark.


Our research is about getting things done and putting insights into practice.
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We invite you to discover what your consumer is about and how to initiate and implement the ongoing conversation.
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Good research comes with excellent skills we are experts in what we do.
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We offer you the building blocks for creating commitment and mutual understanding between you and your customers.
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We love to leave our own comfort zones.
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Update. ... Belgian National Crisis Center and Independent Minds team up!

What is happening and what are we up to?
Independent Minds wins the research pitch for the Belgian NCC! Read about it here


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