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Sequential Recycling

Concept Development & Proposition Building

How to integrate the consumer’s voice in innovation without making compromises to boldness and visionary ideas.
Innovation is most powerful when it is concordant to consumers’ needs and desires.

Co-creation is great, but it often results in stuck in the middle propositions.

Our sequential recycling method integrates the consumers’ voice in the development process but leaves the client in the drivers’ seat.

Sequential recycling means that various rounds of research are included in the creation and roll-out process. Learnings and insights are integrated in the next research rounds to make sure that  the final product or service is relevant and attractive for your target groups.

Sequential recycling accounts for buy-in of all stakeholders and speeds up the process.
Case study Sequential Recycling

Public transport

Our client, one of the major public transport providers in Belgium, wants to develop a retail store concept that should become the reference point for people looking to investigate, change and improve their mobility.
Our sequential recycling method provided for the ‘consumers relevance benchmark’ during the different stages of the shop creation process:
•   Research round 1: getting the basics right: what does the ideal mobility shop have to offer? -> insights and learnings with respect to overall shop concept
•   Research round 2: building the shop: how does it look like? how do I feel in the shop? Why would I go there? What can I do?  -> insights and learnings with respect to the look and feel of the shop, the desired shop experience and the functionalities it has to offer.  
•   Research round 3: the finishing touch: what can be done in order to trigger me to go there? what would make my visit worthwhile? For now, for the future? 
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