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Research in a bootcamp way

How to get insights that accelerate your sprints?
Agile organisations have to deliver very quickly, and they need to make decisions on the spot.

IM-accelerator allows you to do proper research, but in a bootcamp setting. You send us your challenge on Monday and we do the research together with you the same week en we deliver the insights on the spot.  So before you realize it, you are back in your team, but fueled with a lot of inspiration and insights that accelerate your project.

Our accelerator is hard work, because it requires that you involve yourself in the research process, as co-organisator co-animator and co-creator.
Case study Accelerator


Our client has set the goal for the different agile teams to come up every fortnight with new propositions.
Our ABC—> P method revealed clear recommendations with respect to the sequences that needed to be emphasized and reworked for a clear message decoding and a better brand attribution, Nothing wrong however with the creative idea, because we could tell them that the overall look and feel succeeded in raising attention and creating retention.
A quantitative post-test confirmed all our recommendations. The reworked tvc did what it had to do.
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