Creating connection in disruptive times

Independent ideas

We (re)connect people and businesses and we use our independent knowledge and genuine insights to get there. We match your vision with consumer relevance.
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Our vision We live in an era of continuous and profound changes, creating insecurity, antagonism and emotional distance. It is our conviction that understanding and connection are the essential antidotes, allowing our clients to reach out again to their customers in a positive and problem solving way.

Our mission We want to establish a culture of understanding and empathy. We help our clients to reconnect with their customers and we show them how to connect, to motivate and to keep the relation exciting and relevant.
This opens the door to solutions (new ideas, products and services) that really matter and that have added value.

The way there We use qualitative research to (re)connect our clients with their customers. Good research focuses on listening, understanding and discovering the underlying emotions and motivations. In the end, they account for the relevant and powerful insights, fueling innovation, creating distinctiveness and empowering people.  


Independent minds
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