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Pre & Post tests

How to test advertising without driving your creative agency crazy?
Communication should be attractive, relevant and bring a clear and inspiring message.

We developed the ABC->P model as a hands on tool for the pre- and post-testing of advertising and communication. It makes it possible to gain deeper insights in how communication works. It measures the impact of communication with a set of transparent parameters :

Attention = about the appeal and recollection, what is stored in the mind?

Branding = about all issues regarding the brand: what about brand attribution, impact and adequacy? Does it build on current brand values and will it move the brand into the desired direction?

Communication = about the comprehension: is the message understood and relevant? Does it make clear what’s in there for me?

Persuasion = about the  call-to-action. Does the communication succeed in creating engagement and the desired (purchase) behaviour of consumers?

ABC ->P testing results in an accurate description of all the relevant issues for your communication and provides you with the insights for improving its impact.  

ABC -->P  a hands on toolkit for advertisers as well as advertising agencies.
Case study ABC > P

Dutch NGO

Our client, a well-known Dutch NGO wanted to communicate the new brand positioning via a new and challenging TVC.
Our sequential recycling method provided for the consumers relevance benchmark during the different stages of the creation process:

  • Research round 1: getting the basics right: what does the shop have to offer? -> insights and learnings with respect to overall shop concept
  • Research round 2: building the shop: how does it look like? how do I feel in the shop? Why would I go there? What can I do? -> insights and learnings with respect to the look and feel of the shop and the desired shop experience?
  • Research round 3: the finishing touch: what can be done in order to trigger me to go there? what would make my visit worthwhile? For now, for the future?

Together with a dedicated team of the client it took us no more than 6 weeks to create the detailed outlines of this new and revolutionary concept shop.
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