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How to increase the relation building potential of your brand?
Brands are powerful entities for creating consumer attention and consumer loyalty, yet we often underexploit their true potential.

Today’s brand relevance has nothing to do anymore with shared values lifestyles. Contemporary relevance is far more pragmatic and solutions based. Brands matter as long as they contribute to the consumers’ quest for resilience in their day to day life and activities.

Our award winning resilience research has resulted in a new and predictive model measuring and determining the relation building power of your brands.

Combining qualitative and quantitative techniques, the research results in a new benchmark for brand relevance, the resilience index.
  • It expresses the position of your brand in the category
  • it gives you a clear insight in the contribution of your brand to your consumers’ resilience. 
  • it pinpoints the underlying dimensions you should work on fot bringing your brand above par for the category.
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Our client, a leading Belgian news corporation, asked us to develop a new brand impact measurement method.
Our client, a leading Belgian news corporation, challenged us to find and to build a new and revolutionary brand measurement model.

Together with prof. Dr. Gino Verleye (University of Ghent) we revealed that brands should focus on contributing to the resilience of their consumers, because this is what consumers need in the first place for coping with the challenges of the changing society. We were able to measure resilience and to create a brand resilience index that indicated  the ability of the brand to contributes to its consumer resilience.

This research was awarded with the Amma golden award for most innovative and ground breaking research.
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